What is a Meta Title?

What is a Meta Title?

or The Art of Starting with a Bang!




Last week I went by train to the Translation and Localization Conference in Warsaw. Before leaving the railway station, I stopped at the newspaper store and looked at their books. Travelling always gives me an excuse for buying new books. This time I didn’t buy any… Why? The titles nor the covers were appealing.

I may have missed the best book in the world but well, I am guilty of judging a book by it’s cover…. And its title!

On the Search Engine Result Page (also known as “SERP”), it’s the same, the title delivers the first impression. And it does in less time than at a bookstore. There is no chance for a second first impression.

Our choice won’t be backed by design either.

A Meta Title is important for search engine optimization, sure, but it does more than just help you rank better.


Why writing a good meta-title?

As Simon Sinek says, we should always start with “why”, right? (If you haven’t heard about him, nor seen his Ted Talk, have a look here).

Even if we try to rationalize our thoughts and ideas, as human beings our decision making can be emotionally driven.

A good title is like a good slogan: It speaks to our feelings before speaking to our head. It leaves an emotional impact.

A meta title that is crafted to the user’s needs and evokes emotion has a higher click-through-rate than the one that doesn’t. In other words, people are more likely to click on it… and buy the product or the service.


How to write meta-titles?

If you attended my workshop in Warsaw, you know that content is built for the users not for the search engines.

The user is at the center of it all!

In optimizing content, you make it available for the highest number of people, whilst showing the user what you have is exactly what they want.

In this video I talked about the technical aspect of writing meta titles.

Have a look and don’t forget to leave a comment below.





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