What Is A H1 Tag? How To Use Headings in Websites?

How Many Headings Exists & What Are The Differences?

Have you heard about Headings?
6 different headings exist. Only H1 to H4 are used nowadays. H5 and H6 were used in the early days of the internet – less often today.
Headings help structure your content. As linguists we know about the importance of a clear structured content. The most important one is the “H1 Heading” also known as “Top Level Heading”.
H2 is used for subheadings of H1. It helps you divide your content into different paragraphs. H3 is then used to subhead H2 texts. Have a look. This is how it looks on my website. (Überschrift means Heading in German)



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How To Use Headings?


The best way to craft any piece of content is to think about the user’s needs. How can you solve his/her problem or answer his/her question? For that matter, I’d advise you to Google possible user’s queries.
Your H1 Heading is the most important one. Make the best use of it by using it for your title or the information you want to highlight.
For example my H1 heading is : “What Is A H1 Tag ? How To Use Headings In Websites ?
Get used to thinking how your user’s may query for information and craft your content accordingly.
After formulating your H1 Heading as a question don’t forget to answer it in a clear and structured way in the content of your article, by using subheadings.



Can I use more than one H1 heading on a page?

Have a look at the video 


 The reason for not using H1 multiple times on a single page is to ensure the search engine can identify the main topic of the content.
For that matter, headings are a significant help for Google to understand the structure of your content and improve the reader’s experience.


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