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Local SEO is nothing but optimizations based on the location?


Mobile phone users are increasing every day and the majority of internet traffic is via mobile phone now, accessing the internet while they are out on the go. So, suppose they are searching for the best restaurant on Google, wouldn’t it be better if the search engine displayed results based on the location of the user? They don’t care whether Helmut’s restaurant 100 kilometers away is good or not. This is where local SEO comes into play. Local searches became important ever since portable devices with internet access capability started to consume majority of the internet traffic.

Translators learn SEO

Local SEO Tutorial – Translators learn SEO


Local Search on mobile phones.

In the recent years, local searches have gained a huge amount of traffic. People just open google and search for “best XYZ in ABC place” to find what they want. Back in the day people had to ask people around the area. Now they do deep searches, read reviews and find out which is the best place they want to go. Proper optimizations are needed to the website of a local business to get indexed in local searches that are viewable on a mobile phone. Many websites show up deformed on mobile phones which decreases conversion rates.

How to influence Local Searches.

We have already established the importance of local SEO. If it’s a local business which would benefit if some traffic is coming to the website via local searches, then local SEO is something you should never ignore. Now let’s see how you can improve your client’s local SEO presence after the website is optimized. Listed below are two strategies you can use.

Local Reviews.

Reviews are very important when a user performs a local search. When a person looks up places to get sushi for example, they are more likely to choose a business with higher reviews. You will want to use services like Yelp and Google reviews by asking your customers to give honest reviews. You can also jump-start this by asking previous or regular customers to submit reviews. Hand out cards or e-mails detailing how to leave the review to encourage them. The more positive reviews, the better! You will get more traffic and that traffic will convert.

Local onsite SEO.

Optimize all of the onsite SEO metrics for local searches. While doing normal onsite SEO, you would be including your targeted keyword in relevant places like in the title, headings, tags etc. right? So, when optimizing for local searches, try to include the location for local SEO also. The website must contain all of the information about the location of the business. If you go to Google and search for restaurants in London or Frankfurt, you can see a list of business places along with their ratings, reviews and exact location on the map. These businesses have achieved it by optimizing their page in the very perfect way. So don’t forget to list the location, pictures, hours, and directions on your website. These will make all the difference when people are searching for a local business!

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